StatFin database

StatFin is a freely accessible and easy-to-use database which contains a wide selection of statistical tables on Finnish society and the population of Finland. You always get the latest figures of Statistics Finland's statistics from StatFin.

On what topics can you find information in StatFin?

StatFin contains information on various areas of society: population, economy, housing, transport, tourism, consumption, prices, wages and salaries, energy, enterprises and many other topics.

The tables can be browsed by topic on our website.

How to use the database?

Like Statistics Finland's databases, the StatFin statistical database has been implemented with PxWeb technology.

In PxWeb statistical databases you can select the figures you need for the table. The data of the tables can be viewed as statistical graphs, simple calculations can be made with the figures, and the tables can be downloaded for further use, for example, as Excel files.

The databases can also be used through interfaces. 

Learn more from user instructions for databases 


If you need help in using the database, please contact Statistics Finland's information service.

  • tel. +358 29 551 2220