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1 Jun 2023 Finland in Figures 2023 – key figures about us

Statistics Finland’s new Finland in Figures 2023 publication gives an overview of us and our society. All persons living in Finland are included in these figures, as is every home, workplace, pay, education, free-time residence or trip.

27 Apr 2023 New easier-to-use survey and data collection pages launched

We have launched the renewed surveys and data collections section on our website. It is now easier than before to find information about the inquiry to which you are responding, and the pages are also easier to use with mobile devices.

28 Feb 2023 Statistics Finland's new visual image communicates about the future of information

Statistics Finland's visual identity is being renewed. Statistics Finland's strategy and target vision updated in spring 2022 were taken as the basis for the new image. The renewal of the image includes the logo, colour palette, font and other visual identification factors of the organisation. The new image will be gradually introduced into our products and services.

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