Introduction of registers and business statistics

Business Register

The Business Register contains versatile data on enterprises. The register includes data on enterprises and establishments.

Business data include Business ID, name, address, contact information, industry, legal form. Data on establishments include establishment code, address, size category of personnel, number of personnel in the municipality. View the entire data content of the Business Register.

Data for the Business Register are received from administrative sources. The main source is the Tax Administration. We also utilise the official financial statements of the Finnish Patent and Registration Office in the production of data.

Statistics Finland inquires some of the data from enterprises. We collect data annually with our own inquiries concerning

  • Enterprises employing at least five persons and have one establishment
  • Enterprises employing at least 20 persons and have several establishments
  • Enterprises employing under 20 persons whose data have changed based on other sources
  • New enterprises.

Own inquiries provide data on industry and location and personnel of establishments. In addition, we use several other sources for examining changes in industry, telephone numbers and location addresses, for example.

Timeliness of the Business Register data

The Business Register data are updated continuously.

  • Data on enterprise openings are updated at a lag of around one month.
  • Data on enterprise closures are updated with a delay of around one to five months.
  • Data on personnel, turnover, industry and so on are updated with a delay of around one to ten months.

Enterprise Group Register

The Enterprise Group Register contains data on group relationships, that is, connections between parents and subsidiaries and parents and associates. The register also contains data on group type and nationality. The primary data sources of the register are the group financial accounts reported by the enterprises to the Finnish Patent and Registration Office. The Enterprise Group Register covers all groups operating in Finland.

Register of Public Corporations

The Register of Public Corporations contains all central government agencies, municipalities and joint municipal authorities and their establishments. 

Tailored statistics

Financial statement data

Business activity can also be followed by utilising enterprises' financial statement data. Statistics Finland's financial statement data provide a good image of the activity of the enterprise sector, because they contain data on around 350,000 enterprises.

Statistical surveys and analyses

Tailored surveys from the Business Register data, such as business activity by area, industry and size category.


  • Structural business and financial statement statistics
    The structural business and financial statement statistics describe enterprises operating in Finland.
  • Enterprise openings and closures
    The statistics are based on Statistics Finland's Business Register and the Tax Administration's registration data used as source data for the register.
  • Regional statistics on entrepreneurial activity (time series starting from 2013)
    The statistics on Finnish enterprises and the regional statistics on entrepreneurial activity contain information on the establishments of enterprises operating in Finland by industry and region.
  • Finnish enterprises (time series 1993 to 2012). The statistics were discontinued in 2013 and the corresponding new data are published as part of the structural business and financial statement statistics.

Chargeable business data service

The industry-specific business data service is a chargeable database service that contains a wide array of tables describing business activity (in Finnish). The service includes, for example, establishment statistics by municipality.

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