Pricing of research data and services

The prices are valid in 2023. The prices of user licences and ready-made data are outputs subject to public law, on which value added tax is not charged. Other prices are exclusive of value added tax (24%). 

Invoicing for the outputs subject to public law means that no more than two invoice reminders are sent in addition to the original invoice. If the invoice has not been paid by the due date of the second reminder, it will be sent directly for collection (enforcement). If there are any ambiguities or errors in the invoice, you should contact the research services ( as soon as you receive the first invoice.

User licence prices

User licence   Price, VAT 0%
Minor change to the user licence
  • Changes to users.
  • Extension of licence.
EUR 350
Normal user licence (It takes less than 7 hours to prepare a user licence)
  • Released material, e.g. cause of death data for medical research.
  • Licences for released anonymised service data.
  • Simple licences for research data for remote access, such as ready-made data.
  • Small extensions to data for remote access.
  • Simple additions of external data for remote access
EUR 500
Broad user licence (It takes 7-14 hours to prepare a user licence)
  • Licences for customised material for remote access.
  • Licences for ready-made data that require more extensive studies.
  • Addition of external material to a licence that requires studies.
EUR 1 000
Very broad user licence (It takes more than 14 hours to prepare a user licence)
  • Challenging data protection studies or other challenging studies.
  • External data requiring a lot of studies.

EUR 2 000

Changes in the intended use of the material are treated like licences for the materials, i.e. the price of the licence can be between 500 and 2000 euros.

The cost for processing the application will be invoiced regardless of whether the application is approved or not. An application that is cancelled or that is not completed after its handling has started is invoiced according to the amount of work performed.

User licence related to a thesis

The application concerns the production of one thesis. If the project involves the production of several theses or other non-thesis outputs, this is a normal or broad licence.

Licences related to a thesis are outputs subject to public law for which Statistics Finland charges a fee below the cost value as intended in Section 6, Subsection 3 of the Act on Criteria for Charges Payable to the State. The price of the licence for the thesis is 50% of the normal price of the licence. The applicant must indicate in the application that it is a licence realted to a thesis.

Service prices

Service Price (+VAT 24%)
Charge for hour worked EUR 105 per hour
Division of invoice to several organisations EUR 105
Renewal of a research service agreement for reasons attributable to the customer (e.g. change of invoice payer) EUR 105
Renting of a Research Laboratory workstation EUR 70 per day
Re-opening remote access for the research project after closing EUR 350

Tailored data

The compiling and editing of research data are priced based on extent and complexity of the work. If the data are extracted from the ready-made data module, the price is the same as the price of the ready-made data module. 

Ready-made datasets

An annual fee or a one-off fee will be charged for the use of ready-made data modules depending on whether the licence has been granted for a continuously delivered ready-made data module or ready-made data subject to a one-off fee. 

Ready-made data subject to a one-off fee

If the project has no need for updates, the material can be obtained for a one-off fee. In such cases, the latest versions of the data modules will be handed over to the research project at the time of delivery, and the project has access to the data for one year from delivery. During this time the data can be copied to the project’s workspace in FIONA (W disk). The project has access to the copied data as long as the licence is valid. Ready-made data subject to a one-off fee are charged after delivery. The price for additional space is EUR 120 per 200 GB a year. 

Continuously delivered ready-made data module 

A continuously delivered ready-made data module means that by paying an annual fee, the research project can have access to ready-made modules and their future updates as long as the licence is valid.

An annual fee of EUR 500 is charged for each year of continuous delivered module. The annual fee will be charged even if the module has not been used for a full year, for example if the subscription to the continuously delivered data module is terminated during the period of validity of the licence.

The project that is using ready-made data subject to a one-off fee can apply for the continuously delivered modules according to the normal application process.

In the current projects, the updates for the ready-made data modules have been interrupted in January 2022. The projects can use the data modules in accordance with the ending time as long as the previously granted licence is valid. 

Prices for ready-made data

Data Price, VAT 0%
Ready-made data subject to a one-off fee EUR 500
Annual fee for a continuously delivered ready-made data module EUR 500 / year / data

Note: TAX_INCOMES and TAX_BENEFIT ready-made data are issued only as continuously delivered ready-made data in the future.

Microsimulation and income distribution statistics data

Data Price, VAT 0%
SISU register dataset EUR 500 / year
Data Price (+VAT 24 %)
SISU register datasets, 15 per cent samples for each dataset year Remote access pricing
SISU register dataset, separate sample EUR 1,000 / dataset year
Basic package of income distribution statistics service data: Personal and household data and income nomenclature EUR 500 / dataset year
Additional packages of income distribution statistics: living conditions, housing, benefits, tax variables, additional employment data EUR 100 / additional package / dataset year
Additional packages of income distribution statistics: Additional information from Kela EUR 50 / dataset year

Remote access use

A research project-specific use charge is paid for the virtual machine the research project has rented as well as a user fee based on the number of users using the machine. The research project selects a suitable virtual machine for its use.

Send orders and changes to virtual machine to

Prices for FIONA remote access use


Windows / year

(+VAT 24%)

Academic Windows / year

(+VAT 24%)

Linux / year

(+VAT 24%)

Virtual machine S (8 GB RAM, 4 cores)  EUR 2,800 EUR 2, 700 EUR 2, 600
Virtual machine M (16 GB RAM, 6 cores) EUR 3,500 EUR 3, 200 EUR 3, 000
Virtual machine L (32 GB RAM, 8 cores) EUR 4,500 EUR 3, 800 EUR 3, 600
Virtual machine XL (64 GB RAM, 8 cores) EUR 6,200 EUR 4, 800 EUR 4, 600
User fee EUR 250 / person EUR 250 / person EUR 250 / person

The remote access charges are invoiced twice a year, the invoicing period is six months: use between January and June is charged in June and use between July and December is charged in December. If the virtual machine is changed during the invoicing period, the use charge is for the largest virtual machine used.

The minimum length for invoicing is one invoicing period. Hence, the minimum charge is half the annual charge. If the use of the remote access starts or ends in the middle of the invoicing period, the charge will be set in proportion to the monthly level according to the start and end times provided that the use has continued for at least one whole invoicing period.

The user fee is determined according to the number of usernames that were open during the invoicing period.

Linux machines

On Linux machines, the virtual machines are the same for S-XL as for Windows. Machines are ordered in the same way as other machines at the start or in the middle of a project. In addition, a High Performance Computing (HPC) machine is available in weekly instalments of EUR 300 per week (hpc.5.32core - 116 GB RAM, 32 cores). We do not provide separate operating instructions for Linux machines, except for technical support in case of system problems. The operating system is CentOS 7. The available applications are described on page FIONA remote access system.

Academic Windows licence

Academic Windows licences are possible for research projects where all users are from organisations that are eligible for academic licences. Research projects are responsible for making sure that the licence terms are met. If the licence terms are met, you can request to switch to an academic Windows licence at

If the academic Windows licence is activated in the middle of the invoicing period, the machine packages will be invoiced on a monthly basis according to the actual situation.

Other remote access costs

A limited amount of disk space is reserved for each research project, additional disk space is charged for separately. Projects can request an installation of Microsoft Office for a separate charge. 

The Project must have an academic Windows licence installed before an academic Microsoft Office licence can be installed.


Product Price (+VAT 24%)
Additional disk space 200 GB EUR 120 / year
Microsoft Office EUR 260 / machine / year
Academic Microsoft Office EUR 90 / machine / year