Instructions for using Paavo

PxWeb databases

The Paavo database has been built with PxWeb technology, like most of Statistics Finland's databases. Information and user instructions on the px product family can be found on the introduction page of the databases.

Retrieving municipal data from the Paavo database

  • In order to search the postal code areas of a particular municipality in the PxWeb table write the name of the municipality in the Search field of the Postal code area menu and press the enter key. PxWeb will automatically paint the postal code areas belonging to the selected municipality.
  • Select the desired data.
  • Click "Show table" and the service will produce a table.

NB! The municipality code of the postal code area is determined based on the surface area. A grid located on the border of two postal code areas will get the municipality code in which the majority of the surface area of the postal code area is located.

Data for the whole country and summing up of postal code areas

Postal code areas contain only the persons for whom the coordinates of their place of residence is known. Therefore, for example, for population structure data, the summing up of postal code areas does not result in the data for the whole country.

In the PxWeb tables, the category WHOLE COUNTRY includes also the population without coordinates.

Instructions for using the geographic information interface

For instructions on the use of geographic information in Paavo, see the geographic information pages .