Persons with foreign background

On this page you can find information on the population by the origin classification. The page particularly examines the population with foreign background, its size, age structure and gender distribution. By clicking the figures larger you can find additional selections (e.g. copyable image, show as a table, etc.).

By means of Statistics Finland's origin classification, you can easily break down persons born abroad (so-called first generation) and persons born in Finland (so-called second generation) with foreign background. In the origin classification, the person's origin and background country are determined based on the country of birth data of the person's parents.

All persons with at least one parent born in Finland are considered to be of Finnish background. Persons whose both parents or the only known parent were born abroad are considered to be of foreign background. If both parents of a person were born abroad, the background country is primarily the country of birth of the biological mother. The background country for all persons with Finnish background is Finland.

Number by country

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Age structure

Share of children

Share of working-age population

Share of pension-age people

Age structure: persons with foreign background

Age structure: persons with Finnish background

Age structure: persons born aboard with foreign background

Age structure: persons born in Finland with foreign background

Gender distribution