Participation in a test interview

Selecting interviewees

The persons invited to an individual interview are drawn randomly from Statistics Finland's information system on the population of Finland. If the interview is conducted for enterprises or corporations, they are selected from Statistics Finland's Business Register.

Contact and scheduling

The contacting is first made by telephone or email. In individual interviews, contacting can also be made by letter.

The time of the interview is agreed on the telephone. In individual interviews, the agreement can also be made by some other means.

Place of interview

Individual interviews are carried out as remote tests on the web or at Statistics Finland's premises at Työpajankatu 13, 00580 Helsinki. How to find Statistics Finland.

The interviews of enterprises and corporations are conducted as remote testing on the web.

If the agreed time is not suitable

If you cannot attend an agreed appointment, please cancel the appointment. Send the cancellation to the contact person.