Senior Statistician

Have you ever wondered what a senior statistician is? We employ over 300 senior statisticians, while our total number of employees is around 800.

Senior Statistician is the most common job title at Statistics Finland. Senior statisticians could simply be defined as experts in statistics.

What does a senior statistician do?

A large number of our senior statisticians produce statistics, often as part of a larger team. Statistics Finland produces 150 different sets of statistics on different topics in society, such as housing, energy, economy, work, population and the environment.

The work is mainly independent, but support for both brainstorming and practical implementation is available whenever needed. The tasks are diversified and my working days vary a lot. Statistics Finland is constantly evolving and you can have much say on the statistics you work with.
Siiri, Senior Statistician
producer price index for services

Internationality is part of the everyday life of a statistician. The production of statistics is based on cooperation with different networks, and we are part of the statistical community of the UN and the EU.

In work related to statistics, senior statisticians can carry out different tasks in versatile ways. They include familiarisation with the topic, participation in data acquisition and management, data processing, reporting and communication. As a senior statistician you can work as an expert in many other tasks besides the statistics production team. The main emphasis of the task may have to do with data acquisition, development and projects.

Most of all, searching solutions for different kinds of problems is the most motivating factor. Creativity and at time inventiveness can be used in problem-solving. Sometimes solutions are sought together and sometimes as individual work.
Matti, Senior Statistician
transport statistics

Statistics Finland has the largest data resources in Finland and we have unique know-how for producing, handling and processing data. Therefore, several special compilations and studies related to data and statistics are ordered from us. They are carried out by senior statisticians, too.

Who can become a senior statistician?

Senior statisticians come to work for us from various backgrounds. Often, for example, those working on economic matters have background in economics and business studies, while sociologists work on demographic and social issues. Statistics on energy and the environment are produced by those having studied those fields. The background education of senior statisticians can also be from the arts and humanities, natural science, teacher education, engineering and business administration.  So not all senior statisticians are actual statistical scientists. In fact, quite few are.

You get so caught up in your work when you can do things that interest you. All the things that were interesting to you when studying are connected to this work. It is natural that social data are combined to numbers.
Johanna, Senior Statistician
population statistics

Senior statisticians develop into an expert in the field by means of job familiarisation, learning at work and support from the work community. Many different types of studies can prepare one for analysing, processing and producing data, for example, through research and methodological studies. Curiosity, the desire to understand phenomena more deeply and interest in numbers help to make it in the senior statistician's work. 

The work is visible

The work done by senior statisticians can be seen in society in many ways. Objective and up-to-date information is utilised by decision-makers, researchers, the business community and ordinary people. The data produced by Statistics Finland are daily in the media.

My work seems to be significant, because price indices are used much in various agreements, for example. It is therefore important that the price index is made consistently and correctly. Data on price development are socially significant, especially at the moment.
Siiri, Senior Statistician
producer price index for services

Statistics are used to follow the development of society on the short and long term. Changes in the economy and society like the development of inflation and employment, as just few examples of statistics, tell us about the situation in our society every day. The importance of high-quality data cannot be emphasised too much, and statistics are ever more necessary in times of instability.


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