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7 Dec 2022 Statistical Yearbook of Finland 2022 – the classic draws an overall picture of Finland

A comprehensive volume of statistics on Finland and Finnish society has just been published. The long time series of the Statistical Yearbook of Finland give an overall picture of the development of our society right up to today.

23 Nov 2022 The schedule for statistical releases in 2023 has now been published

Statistics Finland's release calendar on the future releases page now contains information on the statistics to be released in 2023 and their release schedules. 

22 Sep 2022 Mari Ylä-Jarkko appointed Deputy Director General of Statistics Finland's Information and Statistical Services

Mari Ylä-Jarkko was appointed Deputy Director General of Statistics Finland’s Information and Statistical Services. She will take up her position on 1 October 2022. The Information and Statistical Services service area is responsible for Statistics Finland's data production and its development.

21 Sep 2022 New practice for disturbances in statistical releases

Statistics Finland's statistical data are released at 8 am on a pre-announced date. If the publication of statistics is delayed due to planned technical reasons, the delayed statistics will in future be released on the same day at noon.

20 Sep 2022 Nowcasting forecasts business cycles of the present – preliminary results are promising, even though there is variation between industries

Nowcasting models, which are quicker than the ones now in use, have been tested for about six months. They help to make information on turnover development in industry, construction, trade and services available significantly more quickly than before. (Tieto&trendit)

7 Sep 2022 Energy in Finland 2022 – Information package on energy

Statistics Finland has published an information package, Energy in Finland 2022. The publication contains key statistical data on the field of energy presented as tables, graphs and infographics.

22 Jun 2022 Methodological change in statistics on general government debt

Statistics Finland will revise the method by which interest subsidy loans of rental dwellings and right of occupancy houses are treated in the national and financial accounts. The methodological change affects general government consolidated EDP debt.

2 Jun 2022 Finland in Figures 2022 – key figures on Finland and Finns

Statistics Finland’s new Finland in Figures 2022 publication describes us and our society. The pocket-sized publication contains information on the population, economy, society and environment as statistical figures and charts. All persons permanently resident in Finland are included in these statistical figures, as is every home, school, workplace, free-time residence or car.

1 Jun 2022 COVID-19 pushed public finance into deficit in all Nordic countries

The economy contracted strongly in all Nordic countries when the corona pandemic started in spring 2020. Except for Iceland, gross domestic product had returned to pre-pandemic levels in all Nordic countries in the last quarter of 2021.

30 May 2022 Number of Nordic scale-up enterprises has decreased but economic significance has grown

The number of fast-growing growth enterprises, or scale-up enterprises, has fallen in the Nordic countries by 12 per cent in the growth period 2017 to 2020 compared with the growth period 2016 to 2019.  At the same time, turnover and full time equivalent number of employees (employment FTE) in scale-up enterprises have grown strongly, however. 

5 Apr 2022 Statistical data section of Statistics Finland's website was renewed

Statistics Finland has renewed the most important part of its website, the Statistical data section. Now you will find the latest statistical data more easily than before.

25 Mar 2022 We are renewing our website – API queries need to be updated

Statistics Finland will renew part of its website, the statistics pages, on Tuesday, 5 April 2022. The renewal influences the structure of the StatFin database, and the changing of links has an effect especially on interface (API) use.

23 Mar 2022 Good feedback to Statistics Finland from the peer review

The review team of the European Statistical System is satisfied with the activities of Finland's national statistical service. Eurostat has today published the results of the peer review of Statistics Finland and other producers of statistics.

7 Mar 2022 Fundamental principles of statistics into broader use in society

This year the fundamental principles of statistical work prepared by the United Nations Statistical Commission will be 30 years old. The fundamental principles provide a sound basis for the management and dissemination of information, especially in the public sector, writes Leena Storgårds in her blog post (Tieto&trendit).

2 Mar 2022 Renewed guide instructs about remote access use of research data

The Remote access to research data guide has been published for you who are planning a survey using enterprise or individual-level research data or want to learn more about the use of data sets. By means of the guide you can also learn more about the SISU microsimulation model.

1 Mar 2022 Publishing of statistical data is being renewed – finding data on our pages becomes easier

We are now renewing our website one section at a time. The first changes concern the main parts of our web service, that is, the pages under the Statistics section and the actual statistical data published there. The renewed statistical data pages will be available on Tuesday, 5 April 2022. (Tieto&trendit).

28 Feb 2022 How on earth to identify reliable data?

The UN's Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics instruct statistical authorities to describe in detail how statistics have been compiled. The principle can also be used to assess the reliability of other data generated in society, writes Outi Ahti-Miettinen in her blog post (Tieto&trendit).

23 Feb 2022 Maintenance of the Findicator service will be discontinued

Statistics Finland regrets to inform that we have now had to decide to discontinue the maintenance of the Findicator service so that updating of the data with the data of other data producers will end at the end of February and the service will be closed on 15 March 2022.

17 Feb 2022 Classification of Sectors reviewed: new classification into force in 2023

The actual activity of wellbeing services counties will start on 1 January 2023. Because of the new level of administration, the Classification of Sectors is reviewed for statistics compilation, and the new classification will enter into force on 1 January 2023.

15 Feb 2022 Building Cost Index was renewed

The Building Cost Index has been renewed and the new base year is 2021. The weight structure of the index was updated to correspond to up-to-date newbuilding construction. Read more.

9 Feb 2022 Changes in the economy require revision of the Standard Industrial Classification

Statistics Finland is currently preparing a revision of the Standard Industrial Classification. The new industrial classification will be adopted in statistics and national systems in stages starting from 2025.

1 Feb 2022 Release calendar of statistics updated

Statistics Finland’s release calendar will be renewed in spring. That is why we publish the schedules of statistical releases for 2022 differently. Information has now been updated in the calendar until 4 April 2022. We will publish information about the rest of the year in March. Have a look at the release calendar.

25 Jan 2022 You can find information about differences between areas in Paavo

Which of Finland’s postal code areas have most jobs in services? And which has the highest number of persons with tertiary degrees? These and much more information can be found from Statistics Finland’s free-of-charge Paavo service. The service’s data have been updated today, on Paavo's name day.

24 Jan 2022 Methodological description of Finland's gross national income calculation updated

The methodological description of the national accounts presents the calculation methods of gross domestic product and gross national income. The national accounts are compiled in Finland in accordance with the European System of Accounts.

19 Jan 2022 Data collection for the Household Budget Survey underway – new information on effects of corona on consumption coming up

This year, Statistics Finland collects information on households' consumption. The Household Budget Survey  includes over 8,000 households. The Household Budget Survey provides information on changes in the consumption expenditure of households and on differences in consumption by population group.

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