Latest news 2016

26 Jan 2016 Paavo describes differences between area

Statistics Finland's free-of-charge Paavo service provides information by Finnish postal code, for example, on where people's income is highest or lowest, where dwellings are biggest or which areas have most families with children. The data of the service have just been updated.

3 Feb 2016 iStatistician 2030

With the ongoing data revolution, the world calls for statistical experts. But what kinds of experts does the field of statistics need? The directors of Eurostat and OECD’s Directorate of Statistics draw a picture of their employees today, as well as envision the future statistician. (Tieto&trendit)

7 Jan 2016 What do Finns spend their money on?

Statistics Finland examines how much money Finns spend on food, housing, transport, recreation and healthcare in 2016. Statistics Finland will interview over 8,000 households for the Household Budget Survey during the year.

12 Jan 2016 Users have confidence in Statistics Finland’s data

Over 90 per cent of Statistics Finland’s data users regard the data to be reliable, independent and impartial. This appears from an inquiry made by Taloustutkimus, to which nearly 500 data users responded.

28 Jan 2016 From a study into a story - statistical poster competition for young people

Finnish schools are challenged to take part in the international statistical poster competition. This time, Finland's national competition also marks the centenary of Finland’s independence.

11 May 2016 Zero-hour contracts – uncertainty or desired flexibility?

Zero-hour contracts have sparked a lot of debate internationally in EU organisations and at the ILO as well. Should they be banned and enact a minimum number of working hours or not? Senior Researcher Anna Pärnänen examines the subject in her blog post based on the results of the Labour Force Survey.

1 Mar 2016 Statistical data can now be analysed in Paikkatietoikkuna

Statistics Finland and the National Land Survey of Finland have developed new tools for the national geoportal Paikkatietoikkuna, for making statistical analyses on geographical information.

29 Aug 2016 Search function of the web service has been developed

The search function of the website has been developed to be more versatile. The renewed search function gives the user more exhaustive search results than before, and the user friendliness of the search function has improved.

24 Mar 2016 How should publishing of statistics be developed? Respond to the survey!

Statistics Finland is developing the publishing of statistics on its web pages. By responding to the survey you help us improve our services. Go to the survey.

31 Aug 2016 Open classification decisions can affect Finland’s general government debt

Statistics Finland and Eurostat are currently collaborating to assess the classification of certain public financial corporations and recordings of financial transactions in statistics. The open classification questions can have an effect especially on general government debt.

2 Jun 2016 Pocket-size information about Finland

Statistics Finland’s newly published Finland in Figures 2016 is a compact, 50-page information package in pocket size about Finland and Finns. The booklet provides key data on the population, economy, living conditions and culture in the form of statistics and graphics. International comparison data are also included.

29 Apr 2016 Eurostat advances the publication of GDP flash estimates for Europe

From 29 April 2016 onwards, Eurostat will publish preliminary flash estimates of quarterly GDP for the euro area (EA) and for the European Union (EU) at about 30 days after the end of the quarter (t+30).

21 Jun 2016 Official Statistics of Finland provides impartial information on society

Official Statistics of Finland (OSF) are a comprehensive collection of statistics describing the development and state of society. They comprise nearly 300 sets of statistics. You recognise these types of statistics from the logo of the Official Statistics of Finland that has just been updated.

27 Jun 2016 Energy in Finland 2016 – new pocketbook of energy statistic

Statistics Finland has published a new pocket-size book of statistics on energy. The compact information package contains fresh statistical data on the energy field in Finland in the form of tables and graphics.

11 Oct 2016 Finland in Figures

How many wage and salary earners are there in Finland? And how many passenger cars or protected areas are there? The Finland in Figures web pages provide you with the main key figures concerning Finland and Finns.

13 Oct 2016 Search function added to the Concepts pages

The Concepts pages found in Statistics Finland’s web service have been updated. Concepts can now be found with a handy search function. The search can also be limited by topic or statistics.

17 Oct 2016 Taika research data catalogue opened

Taika is a new research data catalogue, which presents unit-level data intended for research use. Data can be searched from the catalogue with a versatile search function.

20 Oct 2016 Hundred-year-old Finland in the statistics

The European Statistics Day is held on 20 October 2016. On the Statistics Day, Statistics Finland will publish the Hundred-year-old Finland website to which statistical data on the development of our country and the life of Finns are collected during the centenary of our independence in 2017. 

29 Sep 2016 Releasing of economic statistics is being developed

Statistics Finland currently develops the releasing of statistics related to national accounts on its web pages. By responding to the survey you help us improve our service. Go to the survey

30 Sep 2016 Classification decisions related to general government debt resolved

Statistics Finland and Eurostat have collaborated to assess the sector classification of certain public financial corporations and the recording of financial transactions in statistics. Now the open classification questions have been solved. 

24 Oct 2016 United Nations’ Global Forum on Gender Statistics in Finland

Statistics Finland hosts the sixth Global Forum on Gender Statistics in Helsinki on 24 to 26 October 2016. The conference is organised in cooperation with the United Nations Statistics Division, UNSD.

24 Oct 2016 Women and Men in Finland 2016

In 2014, altogether 32 per cent of employees in management positions were women and 68 per cent were men. Of all upper-level employees, 47 per cent were women and 53 per cent were men. Statistics Finland's publication Women and Men in Finland 2016 contains statistical data on the position of women and men in society and on gender equality.

6 Oct 2016 Statistics Finland starts big data cooperation with Statistics Netherlands

Statistics Finland and Statistics Netherlands CBS have agreed on cooperation for developing big data technology to benefit statistics production.

14 Nov 2016 Statistics Finland takes part in the Ultrahack 2016 tournament

The Ultrahack 2016 tournament will culminate in the main event arranged in Helsinki on 25 to 27 November 2016. This year, Statistics Finland participates in Ultrahack with its own challenges.

17 Nov 2016 Statistics Finland’s data are trusted

According to an interview survey made by Taloustutkimus, 85 per cent of Finns trust the statistics produced by Statistics Finland. 

22 Nov 2016 Report provides new information about exports of services and products in the Nordic countries

Nordic statistical authorities the OECD have published a joint report on exports of services and products in the Nordic countries. According to the recent analysis, foreign-owned enterprises have much importance in Nordic international trade.

28 Nov 2016 Marja Tammilehto-Luode awarded for promoting the use of geographic information

Statistics Finland's Senior Adviser Marja Tammilehto-Luode has received the Lars H. Backer Prize for major contribution to the development of a geospatial foundation for official statistics.

29 Nov 2016 Eino H. Laurila national income medal awarded to Kari Alho and Paula Koistinen-Jokiniemi

The Eino H. Laurila national income medal for 2016 has been awarded to Kari Alho and Paula Koistinen-Jokiniemi. The medals are granted in recognition of their active work in promoting the use of national accounts and knowledge about them.

30 Nov 2016 Finland is the best in the world

Even a small country can jump to the top of the world. At the threshold of Finland's centenary celebrations, we collected a list of things in which Finland is one of the best in the world.

30 Nov 2016 Statistical challenges solved in the Ultrahack tournament

Statistics Finland took part in the Ultrahack 2016 tournament with a challenge involving statistical data. Statistics Finland selected the Open Spending team as the winner.

5 Dec 2016 Release calendar for 2017 published

The release calendar data for 2017 are now available. Take a look at the calendar where you can find information on the statistics and publications that will be released next year.

7 Dec 2016 Statistics into use - We challenge the media and students to illustrate statistical data

In honour of Finland's centenary, Statistics Finland will arrange two competitions related to the utilisation of statistics. In the Statistics in the media competition we look for the best data utilising statistics in the media. In the competition for students at universities and universities of applied sciences we search for the best electronic implementation to illustrate statistics.

13 Dec 2016 Popularity of museums rising all over the world

Visits to museums have increased in many countries. In Estonia, museum visits have doubled in 12 years, the number of visits in Finland has grown by nearly 30 per cent in ten years.

14 Dec 2016 Finland under one cover

The Statistical Yearbook of Finland 2016 is a comprehensive volume of statistics on Finland, Finns, and Finnish society. The Yearbook reveals, for example, how much our population grew last year, how many marriages were entered into or how many times Finns moved during the year.